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Delta 8 is a chemical component that was derived during the manufacturing of marijuana from the sativa plants. It is believed to have low levels of CBD and is known as “diet-weed”. People have been buying several Delta 8 products online such as tinctures, vapes, concentrates, gummies, pre-rolled joints and edibles. Delta 8 gummies are considered to be hot favorite snacks and dmagazine.com provides a review of customers on several gummy products.

There may be numerous brands available in the market but it becomes a tedious task for the newbies to actually select ideal Delta 8 gummies which they can relish well. Here are the customer reviews on few of the products,

  1. Diamond CBD- This company offers a product known as Chill Plus gummies that has received some enthusiastic opinions as they are believed to relief chronic pain. They do hate the aftertaste of these gummies though. So some not prefer it for their tastebuds.
  1. 3Chi- Customers have felt honest healing effects by consuming the gummies as they have a rapid affect on the body. With fast delivery and exquisite customer service this product has received positive feedback. But the return policy is limited only to 10 days.
  1. Happy Place Hemp D8- These gummies have helped the customers get a good night’s sleep providing quantity along with quality. They received a good rating for its delicious taste, texture and affordable. Also, it is available on many sites and not only on the official platform.