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Ways to Make Your Used Car Look New

Ways to Make Your Used Car Look New

If you’re planning on selling your used car, it’s a good idea to get it looking as new as possible. You can take several steps to make your used car look new.


Unfortunately, cars for sale in Fresno age very quickly from the moment they leave the factory. With regular use and exposure to the elements, cars quickly lose their shiny appearance. Several things need to be done to get your car looking like new for sale. Some will require professional assistance, while others can do it yourself by following simple instructions.


One way cars lose their shine is through paint damage caused by rocks and other road debris being thrown up at speed. Although this damage isn’t always apparent from a distance, cars that have been damaged in this way will lose their resale price. The paintwork can be easily repaired with a bit of elbow grease and some car polish, but it may not always be worth the time and money required.


This is why many people recommend getting a car cover. Not only do they protect cars from road debris, but they also keep them clean by protecting them from dirt and dust particles being thrown up from the road. If you live in an area with lots of rain or snow, then a waterproof cover is advisable to prevent rust from forming on your underbody.

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When cars are left unused for long periods, build-up of grime tends to form on the exterior surfaces making cars look like junk cars. This build-up can be easily removed with a good car wash. It’s also a good idea to give cars an over-haul and clean the engine compartment and wheel arches.


When cars suffer from excessive road salt damage, rust tends to form quite quickly. If you live in an area where cars are exposed to lots of snow and ice, then it may be necessary for you to sand down any locations of rust and apply some touch-up paint before putting cars on sale.


To get your used car looking new, cars need to be given a thorough interior vacuum cleaning as well as exterior polishing. Carpets require special attention as they collect large amounts of dirt that builds up over time, making cars look like junk cars.